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Nara Janma Kannada Song Lyrics with its English Translation

nara janma baMdAga nAlige iruvAga kRuShNa enabArade
kRuShNA eMdare kaShTavu parihAra kRuShNa enabArade

malagiddu maimuridELuttalomme kRuShNa enabArade
suLidADuta maneyoLagAdaruomme kRuShNa enabArade

snAna pAna japa tapagaLa mADuta kRuShNa enabArade
shAlyAnna ShaDurasa tiMdu tRuptanAgi kRuShNa enabArade

gaMdhava pUsi tAMbUlava meluvAga kRuShNa enabArade
ceMduLLa hAsigeyoLu kuLitomme kRuShNa enabArade

kaMdanna bigibigidappi muddADuta kRuShNa enabArade
maMdagAminiyoLu sarasavADutalomme kRuShNa enabArade

mEre tappi mAtanADuvAgalomme kRuShNa enabArade
dAriya naDevAga bhArava horuvAga kRuShNa enabArade

parihAsyada mAta ADutalomme kRuShNa enabArade
pari pari kelasadoLu oMdu kelasaveMdu kRuShNa enabArade

durita rAshigaLannu taridu bisADuvA kRuShNa enabArade
garuDagamana namma puraMdara viThThalanna kRuShNa enabArad

Each line is having ‘kRuShNa enabArade’ which means ‘why don’t you chant Krishna?’

when you are born as human being (nara janma baMdAga)
and able to speak (nAlige iruvAga)
why don't you chant Krishna (kRuShNa enabArade)
If you chant Krishna (kRuShNA eMdare) all your agonies (kaShTavu) will be solved (parihAra)
why don't you chant Krishna (kRuShNa enabArade)

when you get up (maimuridELutalomme) from the bed after sleeping (malagiddu)
when you are walking (suLidADutalomme) within the house (maneyoLagAdaru)

While taking bath (snAna), drinking water/milk (pAna), chanting sacred words (japa tapa)
when you satisfied (tRuptanAgi) with sumptuous/feast food (shAlyAnna Shadrasa tiMdu)

While eating (meluvAga) perfumed (gaMdhava pUsi) paan beeda (tAMbUlava)
while sitting (kuLitomme) on the cushion-bed (ceMduLLa hAsigeyoLu)

when you are hugging (bigidappi) your child (kaMdanna) with affection (muddADuta)
when you are intimately conversing (sarasavADuta) with your wife (maMdagAminiyoLu)

while speaking (mAtanADuvAgalomme) too much (mEre tappi)
while walking (naDevAga) on the road (dAriya) and while carrying (horuvAga)
heavy load (bhArava)

When you are speaking (ADutalomme) of fun (parihAsyada mAtu)
With so much work schedules (pari pari kelasadoLu)
make calling Krisha also one schedule (oMdu kelasaveMdu)

when God is helping you remove (taridu bisADuvAgalomme)
all the sing/guilts (durita rAshigaLannu)
who travels (gamana) on Garuda (garuDa) our (namma)
Purandara vittala why don't you chant Krishna (kRuShNa enabArade)

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  1. It is my experience, when you get what you are trying to find with heart, you get it. This page is te result for me. Thank you.

  2. Benith this lytic and the t ranslation this song may kindly be quated.


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