Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bhakti Ahaituki Hoy Sva Prakasita Song Lyrics and English Translation

bhakti ahaituki hoy sva prakasita
nitya siddha vastu kintu ache avarita

madhyama-adhikari vaisnava krpa to koriya
avaisnava kore krpa bhakti jagaiya

vaisnavera vasa hana svayam bhagavan
vaisnavera krpaya mugdha hoy jaguyan

vaisnava jagate pare ghumanta jagat
tan’ra i krpaya hoy papira bhakata


(1) Devotional service is causeless and self-manifesting, but the Eternally Perfect Substance is always covered over.

(2) The madhyama-adhikari (medium class devotee), being compassionate, gives mercy to the non-Vaisnavas by awakening devotion in them.

(3) The Supreme Lord is bound by the Vaisanva. By the mercy of the Vaisnavas, the bewildered can be awakened.

(4) The Vaisnava can awaken the dormat planet. With their mercy, a sinner can become a devotee.

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