Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dehatma Buddhi Yar Sei Jada Deha Song Lyrics and English Translation

dehatma buddhi yar sei jada deha
sei dehe asvadana nahi kore keha

vaisnavete jati buddhi prabala pracura
lila asvadane kintu bada bahadura

daka gharera kerani eka gosani thakura
babaji pranam kare tahare pracura

gosani thakura kore jati abhiman
nityananda prabhuvare kore khana khana


(1) One who has the material concept that the body is his self cannot relish spiritual mellows.

(2) But those who have conceptions of the Vaisnavas are very bold when it comes to relishing the lilas of the Lord.

(3) Like the clerk in the post office, one goswami is as such. The babajis all pay their obeisances to him a lot.

(4) To the goswami caste who has a great deal of false ego, Lord Nityananda has come to smash their ego to pieces.

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