Friday, January 31, 2014

Maha Vadanya Isvara Sri Gaura Sundara Song Lyrics and English Translation

maha vadanya isvara sri gaura sundara
tańhara amṛta vaṇi madhura mukhara

bharata bhumite janma hoilo jańhara
tańhara vaṇite koro par’opakara

nirjane asvadana se to prabhura lila
lila anukaraṇa nahe vaiṣṇavera khela

seva karya vaiṣṇavera nahe asvadana
jaḍa dehe asvadana nahe sambhavana

1) The Supreme Lord, Gaurasundara, is the most magnanimous and His instructions are all full of nectar.

2) One who has taken his birth in the land of India should engage in welfare activities benefiting others.

3) The Supreme Lord's lila was to relish mellows in the nirajana. However, it is not the play of Vaisnavas to imitate these activities.

4) Those who are not performing transcendental service are are not able to taste these pastimes. In the material body one cannot relish this transcendental nectar.

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